SMEs Fostered by Agincourt Resources Marketed Products at the 56th South Tapanuli MTQ

Apr 28, 2024

From Friday to Sunday, April 26-28, 2024, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) mentored by Agincourt Resources participated in the 56th South Tapanuli MTQ SME Product Exhibition at the Patuan Muda Parlindungan Football Field, Sipirok Subdistrict.

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The exhibition, which aims to increase the spirit and motivation of the mentored groups to continue to innovate and be productive, as well as to introduce the products of the mentored SMEs to the wider community, was attended by the Makmur Jaya Women’s Farmer Group (KWT), the Tapsel Batik Joint Business Group (KUB), the Bator Craft KUB, the Home Culinary Business Actors Group from Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Districts, the Sarop Do Mulana Cooperative, and the Sewing Group from Batuhula Village and Batuhoring Village.

The products on display included various snacks, South Tapanuli batik and its derivatives (pouches, tote bags, shoulder bags, etc.), instant ginger drink, furniture made from pallet wood, and bags and pouches made from wastra (ulos cloth). These products attracted the interest of visitors, especially those from government agencies and souvenir shop owners from Padangsidimpuan.

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In addition to participating in the exhibition, Agincourt Resources was also one of the sponsors that provided prizes in the form of an Umrah package worth IDR40 million which was given to one of the winners from the eight competition categories.

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