National Seminar for World Environment Day 2024 Towards a Green Future through Land Restoration and Tropical Rainforest Conservation 

Jun 27, 2024

In commemoration of World Environment Day 2024, Agincourt Resources held a National Seminar entitled “Land Restoration Strategy to Support Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Conservation”. The seminar was held on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at RecHall, Martabe Gold Mine Site, and online via the Zoom Meeting application. 

The theme raised is in line with the theme of World Environment Day 2024, namely “How to Prevent Land Degradation, Delay the Formation of Deserts, and Build Drought Resilience”. This seminar aims to increase knowledge about land restoration activities, especially land affected by mining activities. 

This seminar presented two expert speakers, namely Iding A. Haidir, M.Phil., D.Phil. and Prof. Dr. Delvian SP., MP. Iding Haidir presented on the Concept of HCV and Best Practice for Tropical Rainforest Conservation Programs and Land Restoration Programs in Supporting Climate Change Mitigation. Meanwhile, Prof. Delvian discussed the Role of Restoration and Conservation Functions of Tropical Rainforests in Supporting Wildlife Habitat Conservation. 

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The event was opened by the General Manager of Operations and Deputy Director of Operations of Agincourt Resources, Rahmat Lubis, and was attended by dozens of employee and partner participants, as well as more than 100 online participants. 

National Seminar for World Environment Day 2024 Towards a Green Future through Land Restoration and Tropical Rainforest Conservation Towards a Green Future through Land Restoration and Tropical Rainforest Conservation Content

“Agincourt Resources is committed to continuing to support environmental conservation efforts and contributing to climate change mitigation through various programs, including land restoration and tropical rainforest conservation programs, one of which is through post-mining land rehabilitation efforts. The Martabe Gold Mine has a nursery facility where 80% of the seedlings are local plant species in Batangtoru. The average seedling production has even reached 6,000 seedlings each month. Local plant nurseries help post-mining land rehabilitation programs and provide a supply of native tree species for planting.” (General Manager of Operations & Deputy Director of Operations Agincourt Resources Rahmat Lubis) 

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On the same day, Agincourt Resources also participated in environmental care and tree planting activities in Batu Hopik, Sipenggeng Village, organized by the Indonesian Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (Kakhi).  These various activities are an important step in building a green future. Through land restoration and tropical rainforest conservation, we can work together to address climate change and preserve biodiversity for future generations. 


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