Reinforcing Batangtoru Electricity Supply, Martabe Gold Mine and PLN of Padangsidimpuan

Nov 25, 2019

Batangtoru 19 November 2019 – PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, together with PLN UIW North Sumatra UP3 Padangsidimpuan inaugurated operation of Martabe Substation  MT-01 feeder, on Tuesday (19/11). The role of electricity is very dominant in the life of the people; the connected Martabe Substation located in PTPN 3 plantation with 10 MVA transformer capacity is expected to help PLN to improve electricity supply to the people in Batangtoru and the surrounding areas.  

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The General Manager Operational of PT Agincourt Resources, Darryn McClelland said that operation of Martabe Substation was a commitment from Martabe Gold Mine to help the people of Batangtoru and the surrounding areas to get reliable and stable electricity supply managed by PLN in Batangtoru. The inauguration was attended by the representative of PT Agincourt Resources, Irwanto Situmorang, Government and External Relation Manager and the technical department related to Electricity Maintenance Simon Connolly and Albert Yunias to confirm that the technical and operational procedures have matched the SOP between PTAR and PLN. With operation of the Martabe Substation, PLN electricity reliability and supply for the people is improved.

“Operation of this Martabe Substation is one of the contributions from Martabe Gold Mine in maintaining voltage and supply of electricity in Batangtoru and the surrounding areas, and helping in PLN electricity program to provide the largest benefit for the people,” said Darryn.  PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) expect that in the future the collaboration with PLN can be improved, in particular concerning development of electricity in Batangtoru and nearby areas.

Riston Sihaloho, the Planning Manager of PLN UP3 Padangsidimpuan, expressed his gratitude to PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) on operation of Martabe Substation. “With continuous growth of electricity demand, the official operation of Martabe Substation has extraordinary meaning for many people. Our gratitude to PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), certainly after intensive coordination and communication. May this collaboration be beneficial for many people,” said Riston.

Riston said that with existence of this Martabe Substation, the electricity voltage in Batangtoru and the nearby areas will be more reliable. “With the improved voltage stability in Batangtoru and surrounding areas, blackout frequency can surely be reduced,” he said.  Previously, when a blackout occurred in Padangsidimpuan, the Batangtoru area was also hit. It wouldn’t be that way any longer.

The head of the Subdistrict of Batangtoru, M Yamin Batubara, expressed his gratitude to PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) on its contribution to operate Martabe Substation. According to him, the people of Batangtoru has suffered numerous blackouts before. “With operation of this Martabe substation, the people can enjoy maximum benefit of electricity from PLN without frequent blackout,” said Yamin.

Picture 1: The head of the Subdistrict of Batangtoru, M Yamin Batubara, Irwanto Situmorang, Government and External Relations Manager of PTAR, and the representatives of PLN UP3 Padangsidimpuan, symbolically pressed a button signifying official operation of Martabe Substation, on Tuesday (19/11).

Picture 2: Several representatives of PT Agincourt Resources, the representatives of PLN UP3 Padangsidempuan, and the Subdistrict Consultative Council members of the Subdistrict of Batangtoru take pictures together after the inauguration of Martabe Substation in Batangtoru.

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Agincourt Resource is a mining company located in Martabe. Agincourt resource is engaged in mineral exploration, mining and processing activities to become gold and silver bars. To find out about PT Agincourt Resources, click here!


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