Nusa Dua, 23 November 2019-PT Agincourt Resources, the operator of Martabe Gold Mine succeeded in securing Platinum rating in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2019 in Nusa Dua, Bali, Saturday (23/11). The Platinum Rating was gained on Martabe Gold Mine Sustainability Report 2018.

The President Director of Agincourt Resources, Muliady Sutio revealed that the achievement of Platinum rating was the highest achievement the company has ever reached, after securing an Appreciation in year 2016, an Appreciation for Transparency in Water Management in year 2017, and a Gold rating in year 2018.

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“We are proud we have secured the Platinum rating in ASRRAT 2019. Every year we are trying to improve standard quality of reporting and are committed to keep giving values and growing with all the stakeholders. The Sustainability Report 2018 is the fifth report we published. We believe that through a systematic and transparent reporting, we will help the company to secure a social permit for the long term,” Muliady explained.

Through the Sustainability Report 2018, PT Agincourt Resources exposes that company focused not only on production performance, but also on other supporting elements which were no less significant such as management of the environment and social performance.

Moreover, Muliady announced that environment management in year 2018 at Martabe Gold Mine has been maintained well. The discharge of process excess water from the Water Polishing Plant (WPP) into the Batangtoru River always meets the terms and compliance. The total size of rehabilitated area was 18.2 hectares. Martabe Gold Mine also succeeded in securing a bronze award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources related to management of the environment for mining.

There is also another aspect, the occupational health and safety, where during 2018 Martabe Gold Mine registered zero work accident or zero lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) for all workers. This is the best safety performance for a world class mining. Meanwhile, to further support mitigation of safety risks, the company has a Critical Controls program.

“Related to the community development program, we are committed to always make sure that the near mine community and the stakeholders always get direct benefits from our operation. We have distributed US$ 1.25 million for several sectors, which cover health, education, local business development, and improvement of public infrastructure. We also absorb goods and services from local suppliers with total value of US$ 11.4 million. Currently, the total of local workers at Martabe Gold Mine has reached 74 %,” Muliady added.

The Vice President Director and CEO of PT Agincourt Resources Tim Duffy said that the year 2018 overall was a year with excellent achievement, also in financial contribution performance. For this matter, Martabe Gold Mine has paid taxes and royalties to the government at the total value of US$ 126 million.

“Exploration has also made a significant improvement in mining mineral resource. This can improve the chance to extend mine age which we expect will also give maximum benefit for all stakeholders. We are committed to manage Martabe Gold Mine at a world class operational scale. Our gratitude for all appreciation and support given to us,” Tim Duffy ended.

The Sustainability Report 2018 of PT Agincourt Resources was composed and distributed to be a direct reflection of the company’s core values, which are GREAT. Growth, Respect, Excellence, Action, and Transparency.

ASRRAT is an award given by the National Center for Sustainability Reporting since year 2005. This year there are 50 companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Bangladesh who took part in it. The assessment criteria used were transparency and sustainability reporting compliance developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Platinum trophy for PT Agincourt Resources was directly given by Prof Bambang Brodjonegoro, Ph.D, the Minister of Research, Technology, and Head of National Innovation Research Agency to the Vice President Director of Agincourt Resources, Tim Duffy.

Picture 1: The Vice President Director and CEO of Agincourt Resources, Tim Duffy, received the Platinum trophy, directly given by Prof Bambang Brodjonegoro, PhD, the Minister of Research, Technology, and Head of the National Innovation Research Agency in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2019 event in Bali, Saturday (23/11).

Picture 2: The Vice President Director and CEO of Agincourt Resources Tim Duffy and a number of representatives of the management of PT Agincourt Resources have their picture taken after receiving the Platinum trophy in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2019 in Bali, Saturday (23/11).

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Agincourt Resource is a mining company located in Martabe. Agincourt resource is engaged in mineral exploration, mining and processing activities to become gold and silver bars. To find out about PT Agincourt Resources, click here!