Martabe Gold Mine Provides Infrastructure Assistance and Learning Facilities to SMKN 2 Batangtoru

Dec 4, 2020

Batangtoru, 28 November 2020-PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine, provides infrastructure assistance in the form of constructing the improvement to access roads, construction of green belts and trash bins, and support for learning facilities in the form of occupational safety simulators and mining operational mock-ups to Public Vocational High Schools (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan or “SMK”) 2 of Batangtoru.

The provision of various assistance is a form of company concern to improve the quality of education, especially in the area around the Martabe Gold Mine operation. As for the assistance, the total value of support is nearly IDR 800 million.

Education is one of the five focus sectors of the community empowerment program carried out by PTAR, namely health, agriculture, local economic empowerment, and infrastructure. PTAR Senior Manager Community Pramana Triwahjudi said the company is committed to continuing to contribute to improving access and quality of education.

There are three elements in the contribution of improving the quality of education, namely through improving the quality and accessibility of education infrastructure and facilities, improving the quality of education implementation and management, and increasing student participation, achievement, and competitiveness.

The assistance provided is also part of the Partnership between the Assisted Schools Program of PT United Tractors Tbk (SOBAT Program) and PT Agincourt Resources with SMKN 2 Batangtoru which was signed on 21 February 2020, regarding the coaching & development of competency-based vocational high schools that are suitable and needed by the industry.

This multi-stakeholder development program is planned for 3 years, and aims to support the implementation of various programs in the education sector in an integrated manner, in terms of brainware, software, and hardware; to produce heavy equipment vocational graduates with quality knowledge, skills, and work ethic as well as meeting the competency standards of the business world and the industrial world.

“SMKN 2 Batangtoru is a vocational school with a focus on mining education in North Sumatra. We hope that this support can improve the quality of education and students so that they are ready to compete in the world of work later, especially in the mining industry,” Pramana said.

Furthermore, Pramana detailed, the assistance for constructing the improvement to access roads of 210 meters also includes a 105-meter entrance drainage channel and is also equipped with traffic signs. The company also helped build a 300-meter-long green belt with two large trash bins and also the procurement of mining safety simulators and heavy equipment including electrical hazard simulators, isolation system simulators, toolbox sets, tools compare, waste sorting simulators (3R), load-lifting simulators, props for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and also a light fire extinguisher simulator.

Meanwhile, support from PT United Tractors Tbk. through the SOBAT Program is in the form of educational curriculum development, development of teaching methods and enhancing teacher competence.

“PTAR fully supports the government’s efforts to continue to improve the quality of education, especially vocational, in facing the industrial revolution 4.0. It takes a workforce that is ready to compete in the global market through the revitalization of Vocational High Schools based on Presidential Instruction No. 9/2016,” Pramana said.

Not only that, PTAR Senior Manager Corporate Communications Katarina Siburian Hardono added, learning support is also provided through mock-ups or operational dioramas of the Martabe Gold Mine, namely the Water Processing Plant (WPP) and the mineral processing line (processing plant). This mock-up grant is part of the E-Coaching Jam (ECJ) program which is routinely organized by PTAR as part of the company’s commitment to education.

“It is hoped that the Martabe Gold Mine operational mock-up can be used to provide comprehensive information about PTAR’s world-class mining operations, especially how the Martabe Gold Mine manages water and is environmentally friendly, as well as the efficient and sustainable processing of gold and silver,” Katarina concluded.

The principal of SMKN 2 Batangtoru Nurlaili appreciated the assistances provided by PTAR. All of the supports given really suitable to improve the vocational education quality from the government.

“We gladly accept the assistances. PTAR has been providing assistance for us since 2013 namely the geology and mining tools, building renovation, class furniture, and so on. We will maximize it to improve our quality of education in SMKN 2 Batangtoru,” stated Nurlaili.

Siaran Pers Tambang Emas Martabe Berikan Bantuan Infrastruktur dan Sarana Pembelajaran ke SMKN 2 Batangtoru


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