Kartini’s Celebration Supports the Gender Diversity of Martabe Gold Mine

Apr 28, 2021

Batangtoru, April 23, 2021—PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), the operator of the Martabe Gold Mine, ensures that all employees have the same opportunity to work and contribute, regardless of gender. The company believes that gender diversity provides a extent of ideas and innovations for mutual success and progress.

This becomes the core highlight of the 2021 Kartini’s Day celebration at Martabe Gold Mine. Through the theme of “The Future Has No Gender”, PTAR strengthens the commitment that all employees are provided an equal professional competence development space, and according to the passion of each employee without gender differences. The gender diversity has been applied at PTAR since April 21, 2016.

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Chief Operation Officer (COO) of PTAR, Darryn McClelland, stated that gender diversity can support the company to face various challenges ahead. These various reasons also make PTAR management commit to continuously striving in creating gender-friendly work environment at Martabe Gold Mine.

“As a company and an organization, we have achieved a highly significant performance improvement and committed to continuously growing. The success at PTAR does not recognize gender. Neither does the future. We believe, all employees, without seeing gender, have the same opportunities and contribution both for their family and company,” explained Darryn McClelland, during the opening of the highlight event of Kartini’s Day celebration with the theme of “The Future Has No Gender”, virtually, on Wednesday, 21 April 2021.

In the research of International Labour Organization (ILO) in June 2020, titled Leading to Success, mentioned that the majority namely 77% enterprises surveyed in Indonesia agreed that gender diversity helped enhance their business outcomes. Of the surveyed enterprises, it was also found that 66% reported increased profitability and productivity, as well as greater creativity, innovation, and openness. This survey involved 416 enterprises.

General Manager Operations of PTAR, Rahmat Lubis, added that at PTAR as the operator of Martabe Gold Mine, gender diversity is also supported by various policies to create gender-friendly work environment, such as Policy of Anti-Harassment and Code of Practice of Managing Work Restrictions related to Pregnancy.

“There is no tolerance for harassment at Martabe. This Policy of Anti-Harassment is important as an effort to remove a stigma, discrimination, intimidation, and threats in a workplace. We also periodically hold training of gender diversity understanding throughout the year, especially on Kartini’s Day celebration,” said Rahmat.

Regarding the Code of Practice of Managing Work Restrictions related to Pregnancy, it is prepared to protect female employees who are pregnant from hazards in a workplace and allow them to work until approaching labour. In addition, PTAR also has a maternity leave and delivery policy for 4 months for female employees and 2 weeks for male employees, and also a Lactation Policy.

Not only in the internal company, has PTAR also given an attention to gender diversity in community through the community empowerment program. Some examples of which are providing assistance to a female farmer group of Makmur Jaya in Bandar Hapinis and Female Farmer Group of Tani Torop Jaya in Sumuran. Both receive assistance of processed product development from rhizome root.

Furthermore, PTAR also conducts assistance of South Tapanuli batik development in Kampung Pasir, Aek Pining. During the pandemic, this business group fulfils requests of cloth mask production and actively participates in online training held by Yogyakarta Batik Handicraft Centre. Currently, this business group will continue the registration of the Intellectual Property Rights of the South Tapanuli batik brand as an identity and patent.

A Gold Room Operator, Processing, PTAR Siti Rahma, said gender diversity at Martabe Gold Mine has made her able to improve her capacity and confidence. As a Gold Room operator, Siti has had knowledge on mining especially in processing plant. Siti also admits that her job has helped improve the family economy.

“There is no discrimination. Gender diversity even gives opportunities to us, female employees, to work better. It is only sometimes the family worries about my safety and health condition because I must have a direct contact with fairly hot temperature in a room, but working in mining obviously prioritizes safety and health of the employees. All work procedures are firstly checked for their potential hazards and its handling is planned,” explained Siti.

Senior Manager Corporate Communications of PTAR, Katarina Siburian Hardono, confirmed that the company’s main goal is gender diversity should be seen as a norm, where all employees are entitled to pursue performance improvement professionally and work satisfaction.

“Success in implementing gender diversity in our company will always be in line with the core values namely GREAT (Growth, Respect, Action, Excellence, and Transparency). The successful gender diversity approach, allows PTAR to be a better company, thus it can continue to contribute not only internally but also to provide the values to all stakeholders,” concluded Katarina.

Quoted from the 2020 PTAR Annual Report, that until the end of last year of all total employees, 26% of them are women, they even occupy the positions of management, directors, and commissioners.

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In the highlight celebration of Kartini’s Day this year, “The Future Has No Gender”, presented two speakers namely Helianti Hilman, Food Biodiversity Entrepreneur who is also the Founder of Javara and Sekolah Seniman Pangan (Food Artist School) and General Manager Operations of PTAR, Rahmat Lubis, that was also hosted by Indra Bekti.

helianti-hilman-General-Manager-Operations-PTAR-Rahmat-Lubis-agincourtPhoto: Both speakers namely Helianti Hilman, Food Biodiversity Entrepreneur who is also the Founder of Javara and Sekolah Seniman Pangan (Food Artist School) and General Manager Operations of PTAR, Rahmat Lubis, took a picture with participants of the highlight event of 2021 Kartini’s Day celebration of “The Future Has No Gender”, Wednesday, 21 April 2021.


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