PTAR Supports the Posyandu Revitalization Program to Create Integrated Posyandu

Aug 4, 2022

PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM) focuses on improving the quality of education, health, socio-cultural, economic and basic infrastructure services for the community. In the health sector, PTAR’s main goal is to improve the community’s access to high quality health services. One of PTAR’s programs is the Posyandu Revitalization Program.

The Posyandu Revitalization Program is part of the national program, in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) document and in the Ministry of Health’s Strategy Plan for 2020-2024, where Posyandu becomes a meeting point between professional services from health workers and community participation in overcoming the health problems, especially in efforts to reduce infant mortality and birth rates. Posyandu revitalization is an effort to gradually increase the level of posyandu towards family posyandu, stunting centers, places to detect other things, and health education centers for the community. In this way, Posyandu services are not limited to mothers and babies, but can serve other family groups such as teenagers and the elderly, and can become an integrated education service center. It is hoped that with the revitalization, posyandu will be an integrated healthcare center.

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As the Martabe Gold Mine operator, PTAR initiated Posyandu Revitalization in seven pilot target villages in Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Districts, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra. This program targeted that there will be a gradual increase in Posyandu strata towards Independent Posyandu. As proof of its commitment, in July 2022, PTAR together with the South Tapanuli Regional Health Service and CV Sinergi Medika Indonesia experts signed a Cooperation Agreement regarding the Posyandu Revitalization Program in these seven target villages.

This six-month long program targets five Posyandu in Batangtoru District, spread across Napa Village, Hapesong Lama Village, Aek Pining Village, Wek II Village, and Telo Village as well as two Posyandu in Bandar Hapinis Village and Terapung Raya Village, Muara Batangtoru District.

On August 4, 2022, PTAR in collaboration with the South Tapanuli Regency Government and the KNCV Indonesia Foundation held a webinar as part of the Posyandu Revitalization Program. In the webinar with the theme “Getting to Know Health Problems and Children’s Health Services at Posyandu” which presented by pediatrician Fitria Mahrunnisa, M.Sc., Sp.A, health cadres gained knowledge about managing diarrhea and preventing stunting.

PTAR Community Senior Manager Christine Pepah explained that apart from making Posyandu services more optimal, the Posyandu Revitalization Program also empowers health cadres in terms of increasing knowledge and soft skills. Cadres are expected to be highly skilled in carrying out health screening and counseling, be able to use the iPosyandu application, and prepare follow-up plans.

Aek Pining Village Head Hendra Sakti Siregar gave positive appreciation for PTAR’s Posyandu Revitalization Program in seven target villages, including Aek Pining Village. “This program has a big influence on health cadres. When this program started and cadres received health education, the cadres immediately registered the toddlers and the elderly. So the public health data collection is more complete than before,” explained Hendra.

The Head of the Family Empowerment and Welfare Team (TP PKK) of Aek Pining Subdistrict Puji Lestari added that PTAR Posyandu Revitalization Program further increases the effectiveness of the 5 Posyandu Desk system, which includes registration, weighing and measuring, filling in KMS/filling in SKDN blocks, counseling, and posyandu information system (SIP).


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