Graduate from Mining Engineering? What Will You Do? 

Aug 3, 2023

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that focuses on the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources such as gold, silver, iron, aluminium, coal, etc. In the Department of Mining Engineering, students learn about general investigation activities (prospecting) which aim to find mineral reserves, mining exploration to extract minerals, mineral processing (exploitation), mineral transportation, marketing of mining products, and also mine closure. Aside from that, students also study environmental regulations and standards in the mining industry because they are expected to have extensive and sufficient knowledge to manage responsible and sustainable mining. 

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The Department of Mining Engineering is one of the most popular departments. Of course, this is due to the wide range of job opportunities, high salary offers, the companies providing employment opportunities are typically large companies, the industry continues to need more workers, and clear career paths. Mining engineering graduates can work in various mining industries such as oil, gas, gold, silver, and other minerals, and can contribute to the development of the global mining industry. 

For more details, here are a few job prospects for mining engineering graduates. 

  1. Drilling expert 

Drilling experts are responsible for operating various types of drills and facilitating the use of explosives. In carrying out their duties, drilling experts must check the depth of drilling operation and drilling positions, and select the right drill based on knowledge of rock or soil conditions. 

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  1. Mining expert 

Mining experts are responsible for carrying out surface layer investigation to identify soil characteristics or the potential for opening new mines. A mining expert must be able to find mine locations and create mining plans; choose a mining method, labor utilization, and use environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-effective equipment, find mineral locations, and choose extraction and production methods, based on safety, cost, and deposit characteristics. 

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  1. Mining consultant 

The mining industry requires enormous money and has very high risks. Therefore, mining consultants are needed to study the properties of minerals to be mined, the potential risks of mining, the function of the minerals, and how these minerals will be processed and utilized by the community so that companies will not perform careless mining. 

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  1. Mining researcher 

Researchers are really needed in the mining industry because the research produced by researchers can be useful and add new treasures of knowledge, especially in mining. Mining researchers are also required to provide input and suggestions to the industry so that the environmental factors are taken in account when doing the business. And they are also expected to bring innovations to the table in order to carry out effective and efficient activities. 

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