Selection of Millennial Farmer Actors 2023 in South Tapanuli Regency: A Momentum for Agricultural and Agribusiness Regeneration and Quality Enhancement 

Aug 23, 2023

From August 21st to 23rd, 2023, a pivotal event unfolded as 30 participants engaged in the fifth phase of the 2023 Millennial Actor Farmers’ selection within the welcoming confines of Padangsidimpuan’s Mega Permata Hotel. This dynamic selection process stands as a beacon of promise, anticipating the discovery of 15 talented Millennial Actor Farmers who will shape the landscape of agriculture and agribusiness in South Tapanuli. Orchestrated with unwavering commitment, the Millennial Actor Farmer Program draws robust support from PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), uniting forces with the government to foster prosperity within South Tapanuli’s vibrant farming community.  

PTAR’s Senior Community Manager, Christine Pepah, underscored the program’s significance. She illuminated the program’s thematic focus on horticultural agriculture, an endeavour aligned with governmental food security initiatives and aimed at tempering inflationary pressures within the district. As Christine affirms, “Our efforts are twofold, both supporting essential government programs and harmonizing agricultural pursuits with economic stability.” 

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The Regent of South Tapanuli, Dolly Parlindungan Putra Pasaribu, voiced his earnest commendation for the Millennial Actor Farmer program. Born from the collaborative synergy between PTAR, the Jambi Agricultural Training Center, and the South Tapanuli Agricultural Service, this program resonates deeply. South Tapanuli’s socioeconomic tapestry is intricately woven with agriculture, engaging nearly 70% of its populace. “The Millennial Actor Farmer Program stands as a catalyst for agrarian excellence, propelling the resurgence of South Tapanuli’s farming domain.”  

The launch of the 2023 Millennial Actor Farmer program in South Tapanuli Regency transpired on June 5th, 2023, and has gracefully navigated through an array of selection stages. Progressing further, the program recently concluded its sixth stage—a meticulous field verification of the land holdings pertaining to the 20 aspiring actor farmers.  

Present at this pivotal juncture were eminent figures such as the Head of the Jambi Agricultural Training Agency, Zahron Helmy, and the distinguished 2022 Young Ambassador, also Head of the Independent Agricultural and Rural Training Center (P4S) for the Riau Farmer Youth (Pemuri) Ade Putra Daulay. Furthermore, this program aligns with the Regional Inflation Control Team Formation Program (TPID), as per the guidelines laid out in the Minister of Home Affairs Instruction No.027/1696/SJ, thereby lending its support to regional governance objectives. 


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