Agincourt Resources Facilitates Cross-Sectoral Supervision and Evaluation for Accelerating Tuberculosis Elimination in South Tapanuli

Dec 13, 2023

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at the Namora Sopo Sipirok Hall, Agincourt Resources facilitated a monitoring and evaluation meeting with 62 representatives from Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) of South Tapanuli District, village heads, village midwives, and village health cadres regarding the Regional Action Plan (RAD) related to the Acceleration of Tuberculosis (TB) Elimination in South Tapanuli Regency, or the Towards South Tapanuli Free from Tuberculosis Program (ENTAS TB).

This program is a collaboration between Agincourt Resources and the Regional Health Office of South Tapanuli Regency. The program aims to support the accelerated elimination of TB through the development of partnership networks and capacity building in active case finding and support for TB patients in South Tapanuli.

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According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), TB cases in Indonesia currently rank second in the world. Therefore, collaboration from various parties is crucial to contribute to reducing these numbers. The goal of the ENTAS TB program is to make a significant contribution to reducing TB cases by 2030 to 65 per 100,000 population and improving the health quality of the community in South Tapanuli.

Senior Manager Community, Christine Pepah, stated that this program is also part of community development and empowerment (PPM) in the health sector. Throughout this year, Agincourt Resources has actively contributed to ENTAS TB through the procurement of health equipment, TB case detection, and training of cadres. On November 16, 2023, the company also received an award from the North Sumatra Health Department for collaborative efforts in TB eradication with the South Tapanuli Regency Government.


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