Specialist Doctors’ Health Seminar Enhances the Capacity and Knowledge of Health Workers

Apr 20, 2024

In an effort to improve the capacity and knowledge of health workers, Agincourt Resources collaborated with the South Tapanuli Regency Health Office and the South Tapanuli Regency General Hospital to hold a Specialist Doctors’ Health Seminar. The event took place in the Sipirok Subdistrict Office Hall on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

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Attended by 130 participants consisting of Puskesmas staff, Village Midwives, Posyandu Cadres, and health cadres from Sipirok, Arse, and East Angkola Subdistricts. This seminar is an important forum for sharing knowledge and experience in improving health services.

Agincourt Resources Community Development Manager Rohani Simbolon expressed his hope that this event can provide significant benefits for improving the quality of health services in the covered areas.

Three specialist doctors were present as speakers at the seminar, namely:

  • dr. Ryan Andrian, M.ked (OG) Sp.OG, presented on the topic “Optimizing the Role of Cadres and Village Midwives in Monitoring the Health of Pregnant Women to Reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates”.
  • dr. Syahreza Hasibuan, M.ked (Ped) Sp.A, reviewed the topic of “Management of Seizures in Children”.
  • dr. Abdus Somad Harahap, M.Ked (PD), Sp.PD, explained about “Detection and Management of Gout Arthritis”.

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The Specialist Doctors’ Health Seminar is not just a routine activity, but a real manifestation of Agincourt Resources’ commitment to improving the quality of health services for the community. Hopefully this event can be a catalyst for increasing awareness of the importance of health and well-being for all parties involved.

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