Wood Carpenters Receive Souvenir Making Training to Enhance Skills and Product Diversification 

May 17, 2024

To enhance the knowledge and skills of wood craftsmen in producing various types of wooden souvenirs or crafts, as well as introducing batik colouring techniques on wood media as an interesting combination in souvenir products, Agincourt Resources initiated a wood handicraft training attended by three members of wood handicraft groups from Sumuran Village, Sipenggeng Village, and Aek Pining Village. 

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 The seven-day training, from May 11-17, 2024, took place at the Sogga Batik workshop owned by Giyanti and Handoyo in Krebet Hamlet, Sendangsari Village, Pajangan SubDistrict, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. The training activities were carried out using a direct practice method, where the participants were guided directly by two trainers from Sogga Batik to try the technique of making wooden souvenirs and wood coloring using batik techniques. 

During the training, the participants were very enthusiastic and diligent in following the stages of the souvenir making process, from making patterns and cutting wood according to the desired shape, sanding, boiling, to drying. Various beautiful wooden souvenir products, such as tissue boxes, trays, spice racks, spoons, bowls, and wall decorations, were produced from this training process. It is hoped that after the training, the participants will be able to process various types of wood, especially leftover furniture production materials, into souvenirs so that there is no wasted material. 

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