Hundreds of Sihuik-Huik Villagers Receive Specialist Medical Services 

May 19, 2024

Agincourt Resources once again demonstrated its commitment to improving the health of the community in South Tapanuli. This free medical social service program provided quality healthcare to 210 people in Sihuik-Huik Village, South Angkola District, on Sunday, May 19, 2024. 

The program was carried out in collaboration with the South Tapanuli Health Office, the South Tapanuli Regional General Hospital (RSUD), and the South Angkola Puskesmas. This social service presented three specialist doctors, namely: Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Ryan Andrian, SP.OG examined 22 pregnant women, Pediatrician, Dr. Khosiah Rahmi Daulay, M.Ked(Ped), Sp.A examined 39 children, and Internist, Dr. Abdus Somad Harahap, Sp.PD examined 149 public. 

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This activity is a form of Agincourt Resources’ concern for people living in remote areas, who generally have limited access to specialist healthcare services. The community members who participated in this program received comprehensive health checks, consultations with specialists, and free medication according to doctor’s prescriptions.  Senior Manager Community Development Agincourt Resources, Christine Pepah expressed that Community Health is one of Agincourt Resources’ top priorities. This program aims to ensure that people in the vicinity of our operational area have easy access to quality healthcare services. 

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